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Ready to Serve


It is hard to deny that fireworks during Independence Day are as American as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie! For many people, celebrating our country’s independence includes setting off fireworks on and around the Fourth of July. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing cancellations of some organized fireworks displays, more people will be motivated to set off their own fireworks at home. While a spectacular fireworks display is both impressive and entertaining, remember that fireworks are explosives best left in the hands of professionals.

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Construction projects that shut down production in the short term deserve careful consideration when it’s time to restart operations. Contractors must recognize the need to create a plan for resuming work after restrictions imposed during the pandemic are lifted.

The post COVID-19: Have a project restart strategy appeared first on The Cincinnati Insurance Companies blog.

A subcontractor experiencing trouble can cripple a project; knowing about their difficulties early is better, but it doesn’t eliminate the risk of default.

The post 4 tips to assist struggling subcontractors appeared first on The Cincinnati Insurance Companies blog.

With the dine-in restaurant world shut down, we are cooking more at home – and we have the grocery bills to prove it. But with more cooking and more time being spent at home comes the very real potential for kitchen-related fires and burns, including to children.

The post Reducing fires and burns in the kitchen appeared first on The Cincinnati Insurance Companies blog.

The current coronavirus pandemic has many workers doing business using online meetings and virtual presentations – a difficult transition if you pride yourself on personal service and customer care. But there are ways to keep web conferences or presentations friendly, professional and productive.

The post Tips for conducting remote, virtual meetings appeared first on The Cincinnati Insurance Companies blog.

Cincinnati Agents

Independent agents representing Cincinnati Insurance can learn more about our COVID-19 response by visiting our agency portal.

Here for You

Cincinnati puts the health and safety of our associates, agents and customers at the top of our priorities. That’s why we’ve put our business continuity plans in action, ensuring we do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while continuing to deliver the outstanding service you deserve. We know it’s important to keep our business running, ready to serve you and fulfill the promises we’ve made to you.

Ready to take claims 

Our field claims associates already work remotely in the communities they serve, so they are well prepared to handle your claims. Innovative tools – photo-based estimating technology for vehicle claims and video for property claims when appropriate – offer virtual, no-contact claims handing options to respond to you. Each representative is trained to take extra precautions when an in-person response is necessary. Report your claim to your local independent insurance agent or to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Ready to answer billing questions

You may be understandably concerned about your ability to pay premiums as government mandated closures are lifted and normal billing resumes. Your local independent agent or Cincinnati can help. For more details, please see the billing pages for Individuals or Businesses or the Overview page for other life, excess and surplus or worksite contacts.

Ready to support our associates

Almost all our associates are working remotely and communicating virtually to keep our services going. While we have a limited number of associates in location critical roles reporting to our Headquarters, we’re practicing social distancing and complying with the guidance and regulations provided by government and health officials to keep our associates safe.

We continue to monitor and evaluate the pandemic daily and adjust our practices accordingly.

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